4 cups yoghurt (Daima yoghurt 1 kilo), Medium onion ,.3 garlic ,black pepper, small cinnamon, tea spoon salt, 2 table spoons Flour
1 cup milled rice, 1 table spoon Ghee .

chop onions and put garlic, pepper and cinnamon in a small blender
pour the YOGHURT in a deep bowl, mix well then add the onions, pepper and garlic.
Cover tightly and placed in the refrigerator over night
The next day take off the  garlic and pepper from yoghurt  and leave the onion
Add the dry ingredients(milled rice+flour+salt) to the yoghurt, And stir until mixed.
Raised the mixture over low heat with constant stirring
from time to time until becomes thick.
After that take off the onion and add table spoon of ghee until completely mixed and leave it a few min
Remove from heat and stir lightly.
And continue stirring until it cools.
Serve with Aseeda or Kisra..